SYSTEMA aims to form a harmonious personality, capable of further self-development, which has universal and patriotic values of life, improvement of society as a whole through the physical and spiritual health of individuals and families.

Several closely interrelated aspects can be singled out in effect made by SYSTEMA upon a trainee, and namely:

spiritual – spiritual development of trainee, formation of system of his life values and objectives;

psychological – development and consolidation of trainee’s psyche;

physical – development of body and its abilities;

● sanative – improvement of trainee‘s health;

● specialised – achievement of high results in any activity, including professional;

social – facilitating adaptation to various, also adverse, social conditions.

A person who is mastering SYSTEMA gradually acquires a number of most valuable universal skills, expertise and knowledge that will be afterwards widely used by this person in everyday life, professional activity, communication, in solution of stressogenic and extreme situations. Regardless of what objectives were pursued by a person when starting studies in SYSTEMA, skills acquired by him lead to a consolidated result: personality growth, physical, psychological and spiritual development and rehabilitation.

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Systema Arizona
July 6, 2015 at 11:15 pm

Chandler class cancellation: There will be NO Systema class in Chandler on Tuesday July 21st.

Systema Arizona
June 30, 2015 at 5:05 pm

Here is a fantastic write-up of the "Street Tough" Systema seminar in Seattle this past weekend, courtesy of Cristian:

Hands down best seminar to date - in my experience. Met up with some great people. Being in a group of people that are so positive, energetic and giving is something that I hope everybody in this world will get to experience. The highlights for me were Kwan Lee's drive to push through all the adversities and persevere in making this event happen. Thank you for making this happen for all of us. I have no idea how this last week felt for you but I want to tell you my deep appreciation for this brilliant event which wouldn't have happened without your continous efforts! I want to thank Vladimir Vasiliev for his one-of-a-kind ability to teach. Kwan Lee introduced him as a 'master teacher' and trully he is that! Teaching is not distrbuting knowledge. Otherwise we'd all be able to pick up an encyclopedia and master life. Teaching is about planting a seed of an idea in a person in a very special way, in a way that it takes root. This seed grows into someting beautiful over time. Vladimir Vasiliev was able to do this a long time with me. But in this seminar he was able to do it even better over videoconference. With a few drills and a few words he changed my idea about how to breath and how to do my work. With the help of the Zettler Twins examples and instructions over the next 2 days I saw the seed that was planted by Vlad turn into freedom in my movement and work. I also want to thank the Zettler Twins. They were just amazing. They showed Systema as we all want to do it: smooth, created in-the-moment, precise, and convincing beyond any shadow of a doubt. They energized everybody with their example, humour and rapport to try to do the work with less tension and more freedom. I also thank Jeffrey Hensley and his team. He taught an ESSENTIAL skill, which is trauma medicine and deals with one of our greatest fears: taking care of our loved ones or of others when they are seriously hurt and distraught. Having been the primary attendent at the scene of a few life threatening accidents both before and after his training I can attest that knowledge and confidence are your biggest assets when dealing with a person that is crying and praying at the same time. He taught both brilliantly! He is a professional and a master communicator that countinously seeks improvment. I am very lucky to know him and to have a chance to take his training - for which I have to thank Kwan Lee. Also I want to thank Константин Комаров. His short appearance on screen and his homework to us was greatly appreaciated by everybody. It's a special thing to know that people care about you and your results in life. Finally I want to thank Gene Smithson. One rarely meets a guy that is so humble, skilled, strong and kind like this one. It's fine to talk about it having heard about what he has been through. It's a different thing to feel his work or sit on a couch with him and have him ask in a his soft southern manner: "So how are you feeling man?... yeeeah... in your body? any pains or aches?".

Systema Arizona
Facebook IconJune 11, 2015 at 2:31 pm

Good article.

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Your Drills Should Be Uglier

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Systema Arizona
Facebook IconJune 11, 2015 at 12:06 am

Systema Arizona shared a link.

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Systema Close Quarters Evasion DVD - Russian Martial Art - Kwan Lee

Brief excerpts from the upcoming Systema Close Quarters Evasion DVD by Senior Systema Instructor Kwan Lee, due to be released in Summer of 2012. More informa...

Systema Arizona
Facebook IconJune 10, 2015 at 2:08 pm

Systema Arizona shared a link.

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Redirection of Two Opponents

by Vladimir Vasiliev Systema, Russian Martial Art. Register for Vladimir Vasiliev's seminar in Muenster, Germany held on Feb 15-16, 2014 http://rma-deutschla...