SYSTEMA aims to form a harmonious personality, capable of further self-development, which has universal and patriotic values of life, improvement of society as a whole through the physical and spiritual health of individuals and families.

Several closely interrelated aspects can be singled out in effect made by SYSTEMA upon a trainee, and namely:

spiritual – spiritual development of trainee, formation of system of his life values and objectives;

psychological – development and consolidation of trainee’s psyche;

physical – development of body and its abilities;

● sanative – improvement of trainee‘s health;

● specialised – achievement of high results in any activity, including professional;

social – facilitating adaptation to various, also adverse, social conditions.

A person who is mastering SYSTEMA gradually acquires a number of most valuable universal skills, expertise and knowledge that will be afterwards widely used by this person in everyday life, professional activity, communication, in solution of stressogenic and extreme situations. Regardless of what objectives were pursued by a person when starting studies in SYSTEMA, skills acquired by him lead to a consolidated result: personality growth, physical, psychological and spiritual development and rehabilitation.

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Systema Arizona
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Like many others, before I found Systema, I studied Aikido. This is very much in-line with the way I was taught Aikido - and the way that I taught Aikido and now teach Systema. It is just as much a commentary on human nature as on martial art.

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Balance From Destruction: Secret Teachings of O Sensei

Saotome Sensei explains the importance of studying the destructive aspects of Aikido technique in order to gain deeper insight into balance, healing, and the secret teachings of the Founder.

Systema Arizona
February 10, 2017 at 3:46 pm

Reminder - no class in Chandler next week. Instead, enjoy Valentine's Day!

Systema Arizona
January 25, 2017 at 5:14 pm

Systema Arizona shared VICE Canada's video.

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VICE Canada

How to take a punch like the KGB: We train with a world renowned Systema instructor

Systema Arizona
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Hey Tribe,
Join us this Saturday 14th in South mountain. Let's train boxing pads, cardio Pilates, hiking and Yoga. We will spend a fun time together and start the year strong and healthy. How you do one thing it's how you do everything. #boxing via

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Length: 00:16

Systema Arizona
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Slow work is good for you.

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QI: The Russian Training Secret | T Nation

A rep is not a rep. Especially when you stretch it out 30 times longer than how it's normally done. Sounds crazy, but so are the gains you'll get from it. Check it out.