Systema Training – Chandler

Chandler classes are run by Niko in south Chandler, near the Chandler Municipal Airport.

Classes are held regularly every Tuesday evening, 6:30pm – 8pm.

Cost for classes is $20 for drop-ins, or $15 if you pre-pay for 4 or more classes in advance (cash only, non-refundable but non-expiring). Niko also offers private lessons, please email or call for information and to schedule.

Class information and cancellations are posted on the Facebook page and sent to the email distribution list. Contact Niko if you’d like to be added to or removed from the list.

Niko also holds monthly Kyusho-Jitsu (Pressure Point) classes on the first Wednesday of every month, 6:30pm – 8pm.

Niko is certified as a Z-Health® Movement Integration Specialist and offers individual assessment and mobility coaching. Contact Niko for more information or to schedule an assessment.

Active Duty Law Enforcement, Military, & First Responders are eligible for a discount on all classes & services.

Chandler Location:
Contact Niko by email for exact class location.

Systema Training – Scottsdale

Scottsdale classes are run by Pietro, in the North Scottsdale and Central Scottsdale areas.

Pietro currently only offers private instruction, and does not have any regularly scheduled classes.

Scottsdale Location:
Contact Pietro by email for more information.